Hot 97’s Miss Info takes us into the Realm of Kells

Chicago is home to many musical figures and one of the most polarizing of the modern era is Mr Robert Kelly. Always followed by an unshakable fog of possible pedophilia and questionable female associations, it’s often times easy to overlook the musical genius that resides in this individual. Miss Info brings us with her to experience the art, talent and re-familiarize ourselves with the artist that is R. Kelly.

As Miss Info states,

As much as I analyzed and scrutinized R. Kelly’s actions and words outside of his music, being able to see and hear his creative process in his own private space was a once in a lifetime honor, and it’s impossible as a music fan not to respect that level of talent when its right in front of you. Whatever personal judgment I may have, I left outside his front door and picked back up on my way out.

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