[Video] Rosa Parks Poster Gets Torn Up At Health Care Reform Meeting

The video has been shown over and over on television news. An altercation at a town hall meeting presided over by Claire McCaskill resulting in a woman being escorted from the meeting by a group of police. But what wasn’t widely reported is that the incident involved two black women who showed up at the town hall meeting with a poster of Rosa Parks and the incident was precipitated by a man who, obviously enraged at the poster, went over and tore it up.

Watching the video, you will see a white man with white hair and a blue shirt at the bottom of the screen, go over to the women and grab the poster and tear it up. Police quickly intervened and the white man was also taken out of the hall by the police but in the opposite direction.

McCaskill then apologized to the crowd for the interruption and acknowledged that there was an agreement that signs and posters would not be allowed. But one has to wonder if the sign had called Obama a communist or showed him as Hitler as some have, if the man in the blue shirt would have torn it up.

Watching McCaskill try and mollify a crowd of angry, mean spirited, and, for anyone watching the entire meeting, entirely ignorant crowd of Republican and conservative inspired attendees opposed to health care reform, she looked more like a substitute teacher unable to get the attention of a bunch of lousy students but still trying. The meeting continued with McCaskill sounding more like a baby sitter than a Senator trying to explain a health care reform bill and as evidenced by the man in the blue shirt, that’s exactly what she was.

Watch The Video Below:

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