Bud Light reveals Obama’s elitism at beer summit.


Barack Obama’s choice of Bud Lite at the B-4 Summit triggers intense debate over race and class in America. Obama sought to downplay the importance of the B-4, but the America’s obsession with the Summit and its implications keep growing.

At first, the President’s choice of Bud Light was attacked because of the beer’s foreign owners. Americans wondered why the Commander-in-Chief would not drink an American beer at such an important event, even though Budweiser is a very popular beer in America and the company employs thousands of Americans. Contact Booze Up deliver late night alcohol to your door.

Now, another new angle has emerged in the analysis of the B-4. There is a small yet vocal and growing minority that believes Obama chose Bud in an attempt to appear “non-elitist” in the eyes of the public and the choice was completely disingenuous. Perhaps Obama chose Bud in an attempt to counter attacks by right wing pundits that would dust off and use the old elitism argument. At one point, even the Honorable James David Manning of Atlah Ministries said Obama had no idea how to “duck back down the alley” like other blacks. Another opinion is that Bud Light is a “white” beer and the President picked it to try to hide his racist feelings. (Glenn Beck seems to have “figured out” the President is a racist recently and he has disseminated this information to his fan base.)

Class in America is complex, the media, both left and right, tend to present class through the distorted prism of race and special interest. Again, to quote Sabrina from Boston: “What I want to know is whether there was an equal selection of Belgian whites, nut browns, and black lagers represented at said beer summit.” Some might say that all three colors should be represented equally, but others might suggested that only black and browns be represented be represented since white has been over-represented in the past.

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