Tech N9ne Has a Message for The Radio DJ’s

I have heard a few times before that rappers feel that this is a growing problem in radio. And while I understand every man is out for himself, especially during this recession, I don’t think it’s quite fair. Music should be played based on quality, not on how much your being payed to spin it. However, I also believe that we as fans have a duty to get better music played on the radio too. We need to request more of the TRUE hip-hop artists and stop conforming to things just because it’s trendy. And not just with radio, but television, album sales, just music period. As was discussed in an earlier post, music is reflective of it’s current generation of consumers. So if we don’t try to help music change it’s direction, than the crap rap will stay. And TRUE hip-hop music will continue to go under appreciated.

What are your thoughts on this issue? How much is the decline of REAL hip-hop tied to the industry itself and how much of it are we responsible for? Leave comments and let us know what you think!

On another note, what the hell does he have on his face?! I never understood why he painted his face, going to have to research that later.

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