“Remember Me” T.I. feat Mary J. Blige Music Video

 This song was released back in May. Point blank, this is a great song. What a brilliant strategy from T.I.!  Leave the people with a powerful record that will resonate for the next 6 months when, before you know it, Tip will be outta jail. In fact, T.I. and his people deserve some sort of award for the way they are keeping him in the limelight while in jail and for the masterful handling of Paper Trail. In fact, let’s call it the ‘10x Better Than Karl Rove Award for Music’. It’ll grow on you, don’t worry.

One of my favorite tracks of the summer gets the expected video treatment as T.I.’s “Remember Me” f/ Mary J. Blige is the 1st single off the re-release of Paper Trail, coming soon. The video is nothing that will blow your mind artistically or creatively but it is a feel-good video that describes the ringing message of the song well. The effect of the prisioners appearing almost like ghosts around their loved ones is a nice effect that achieves the video’s goal of illustrating T.I.’s lyrics. Definitely worth your viewing.