Bush Plans to Enter the Lecture Circuit, What’s His Speech Worth?

Well, seeing that his days in the White House are dwindling down, he has a $2.7 Million dollar mansion he’s gonna be paying for, he’s gonna need some type of income right? Well, “the W” has decided that he’s going to the lecture circuit. The question is, seeing the horrible job Bush did as president, what would his speech be worth?

Some say quite a bit actually. In an interview for the book, Dead certain, by Robert Draper Bush is quoted saying “I don’t know what my dad gets. But it’s more than fifty, seventy-five [thousand],”. most agents say that of course right off the back due to his unpopular status he wouldn’t be in that much demand, but later down the line he could command between $100-$200 thousand a pop. I mean, after watching Frost/Nixon and seeing him get that $500,000 check for that interview anything’s possible I guess.

According to The Daily Beast an unknown source states that Bush is already in talks with DC lawyer Robert Barnett, who helped Bill Clinton re-enter the lecture circuit, and actually helped get Laura Bush her book deal.

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